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Leather Cleaning

Leather is a staple fabric for every wardrobe. However, leather can become tattered and lose its luster after several years of use. Maggie M Tailors is a professional dry cleaning company that can help with your leather cleaning and repair needs. We specialize in all things leather!

A professional tailor will take all of your measurements to ensure that every piece fits perfectly if you need leather alterations to repair the piece. If your leather has a tear or is starting to look dull or faded, you should take advantage of our leather cleaning service. We can sew up any holes and bring back the beautiful color your leather used to have. Whether it’s your favorite leather jacket, a leather vest, a pair of boots, or accessories, we can restore any piece of leather clothing. We can take your worn leather and make it look brand new again! With our quality work and attention to detail, your leather will stay in excellent condition and be ready to wear for years to come.

No matter what you are looking for, our leather services guarantee you look your very best in your custom-made and repaired clothing. Contact us in Edmonton, AB, today if you require a professional clothing alteration service. We’ll make sure that your wardrobe always looks beautiful!

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