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Lace Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress Cleaning

When you get married, you want your wedding dress to look beautiful and fit perfectly. However, if you’re wearing a vintage wedding dress, such as your mother’s wedding dress, there is a chance that it might yellow with age, the buttons might fall off, and there might be holes in it. If you want to bring your wedding dress back to its former beauty, come to the experts at Maggie M Tailors.

We specialize in wedding dress cleaning for wedding dresses of all types. We understand that your wedding dress needs to be treated with the utmost care to look pristine on your wedding day. If the dress has faded, or if you’ve spilled something on it, we will clean it to make it bright and new again. We work hard to maintain the garment’s integrity while repairing any damages. Don’t let your gown be ruined by harsh chemicals such as bleach! We are experts in wedding dress preservation and will provide gentle clothing alterations to restore the color and look of your dress.

During the restoration process, we will make any wedding dress alteration you need to adjust the fit and size of the dress. We will ensure that you look exactly how you dreamed. Contact us in Edmonton, AB, today when you need bridal alterations to bring your dress back to life.

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